# Introduction


As of April 1st 2024 the public platform has beeen discontinued. We are focusing more on generative AI usecases and creating a new product focusing on document, and RAG.

Learn everything to know about Smartloop platform.

Smartloop platform enables you to quickly and easily create AI-powered chatbots with an intuitive point and click interface. Measure and understand your users through conversational analytics, segment and re-engage based on user actions and attributes in just a few easy steps.

The platform offers you full advantage of the range of structured and rich message types these channels have to offer, all via one easy-to-use and consistent interface.

Create an account (opens new window) and head to the Getting Started section to publish your first chatbot.

Here are few things to undersand basic concepts:

If you need help in getting started, please dont hesitate to contact us at support@smartloop.ai