# Capturing Clicks

You might have a conversation flow where it asks you to click on an application form or takes you to a purchase page. In order to ensure that your leads are converting correctly, it is essential to track your click events.

Below is a sample using a Facebook button template:

Here, as the user clicks on the "Get in Touch" link, it will send the user to the "end-thank-you" block. We can do a few things:

  • Send a friendly message after a link clicked for the next steps.
  • Set a user attribute to track the conversation and which is used to send out a re-target message at a later date.

Click events supported in the following components:

Facebook + Web

  • Button Template
  • Card
  • Gallery


  • Keyboard Button
  • Carousel

Use this capability to track your conversation at every step and measure CTR from the messenger.