Capturing User Input

It is possible to capture user input in a bot. You can ask for input in two ways:

  • Free-form
  • Reply

The folloiwng types can be used for an input:

  • Text
  • Number
  • Date

It is possible to capture user input and set it as a user variable to use throughout the scope of the session to take the user to various flows.

Here in the example, we are validating an email in the following way:

It is possible to capture input not only for "text" input but also in form of a reply (e.q, quick replies) as shown below:

Here, in addition, we have used a regular expression pattern to ensure that it only accepts blue, red or black.

In order to capture quick replies as input, you will have to select "User Input" from the context drop-down and then set the reply as shown below:

Captured input is stored as a variable and you can print it inside a text element or use in it a different plugin as an input in the following way:

In a more advanced scenario, you can reference the captured user input from a script block as shown below:

exports.handler = (context, done) => {
Last Updated: 12/25/2018, 7:45:29 PM