Writing Custom Script

Script Block allows you to quickly write custom logic inside a conversation flow. Click on script button in the toolbar as shown below to insert a script block:

The entire conversation context is available in the script block. This will let you write custom logic based on user input, entities and variables. The example below shows how to pull data from a weather API and then set it as a context variable for use in the builder:

//script block
import request from 'request';

// get a free API key from openweathermap.org
const appId = 'PASTE_YOUR_API_KEY';

exports.handler = (context, done) => {
        url : 'https://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather',
        qs : {
            lat : context.nlp.entities.location[0].lat,
            lon : context.nlp.entities.location[0].lng,
            appid: appId,
            units: 'imperial'
        json : true
    }, (err, reponse, body)=>{
        if (err){
        // save 
        context.vars.set("weatherData", body);

context parameter have the following properties:

Property Name Description
args [User input]
nlp Contains entities and intents for an expression.
vars Set or get vars to use in the current context.

The args object contains the following properties:

Property Name Description Type
sender Unique sender ID String
text Input text.(e.g. Where is San Francisco?) String
event Event to trigger an intent. Either text or event is required. Object

event contains the name of the event that is triggered for a user action:

Property Name Description Type
name Name of the event (e.g. start) that corresponds to an intent name String

You can use variables inside the builder in the following way using the double braces syntax:

You can also output in script block using the extension module in the following way:

import Ext from "recime-bot-extension";
const __ = Ext.default;

exports.handler = (context, done) => {
    done(__.text("Hello world"));

Script block can be useful in the following scnearios:

  • Retrieving data from your existing API that you want inject in your conversation context.
  • Construct dynamic response based on user input and entities.

The following modules are allowed inside Script Block:

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