# User Attributes

Use attributes is used to store conversation state and identify a user. You can access an attribute using the double braces syntax in the following way:

Here is a list of default attributes names accessible from within the conversation scope by channel:

Platform Attribute name comments
Website first_name, last_name, email, phone These are a placeholder for website bot and updated automatically when a value is set or updated using website.setUser
Facebook first_name, last_name, profile_pic, gender, locale, timezone --
Viber first_name, last_name, language, country --

How to obtain a user Id?

Obtain a user Id, using the double braces syntax as user_id. User id for a channel is unique and can be used to track or send a message using chat-api

It is also possible to define your own custom attributes using User Attribute plugin.

Use attributes to trigger a conditional flow as shown below:

Or as a filter criteria to send a message to a specific group of subscribers: