# Send Email Notification

Not supported in Test mode

You will need to test send email in the bot itself. It will be skipped in the test bot.

Use the "Send Email" to dynamicaly to send out email notifications to your customers to notify them of an update or send them out any promitional contents.

Click to drop the Send Email plugin to a block.

You can use the email plugin to send out notifcations for the following type of usecases:

  • Send email when user does some actions, like order pizza using your bot
  • Send a follow up email using campaign after some events or just to re-target your leads. Very useful for website bots. Make sure to collect email and use it as an attribute to send out notifcations.
  • Notify yourself when some reaches to a certain point of your bot or requests something (e.g.live-chat). Use the owner_id attribute to send email to the owner of account.

# Configure

You can use various user attributes to dynamically create your content.

The email is sent from no-reply at smartloop.ai. However, it uses the name of your bot as a sender name.